Best Way to Gain Weight

It is good to have a perfectly lean body but being too thin or skinny is certainly not desired. There are many people who are born with a skinny physique. Like naturally born obese people, skinny people also have problems in gaining weight .Just like one has to put a lot of sincere effort to reduce weight, a same amount of effort is required to gain desired weight.

There are numerous methods to gain weight but one should focus on the methods which are natural and healthy. The best way to gain weight is to combine different methods and work on them sincerely. Thin people have a common misbelieve that they can simply gain weight by increasing their calorie intake per day. But the best way to gain weight is to focus on increasing body mass through muscles not fat. I am listing some of the best ways to gain weight effectively and in a healthy way-


  • Get advice from an expert for a diet chart: One of the best ways to gain weight is good eating habit. A proper balanced diet is must not only for gaining weight but also for general heath of the body.  Appropriate proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins & minerals contents in your diet surely would help you to stay healthy and fit. Having foods with fats contents like dairy products , red meat , sea food , dry fruits adds up to your weight. Eating and maintain a weight gain diet also requires you to improve your body metabolic rate through work out or exercise.


  • Look out for portions of your meal: This tip works for weight loss too, but the general idea is to start taking five-six smaller meals instead of three heavy meals. This way, you can properly utilize what you have eaten and burn them respectively before next meal. This would give rest to your stomach and improves digestive system. But remember never to skip meals.


  • Increase your physical activity: Stop using car to go to a nearby place. Start going for morning or evening walk daily. Increased physical activity speeds up your metabolic rate enhancing your stamina and energy level.


  • Regular exercise routine: Regular exercise is a must do for person of every age and is really one of the best ways to gain weight. Always work out with an expert trainer.  There are numerous options available like Yoga, aerobics, gym etc. with the blend of healthy diet, exercise and additional supplements, you will easily gain weight and build body muscles at the same time.


  • Start snacking: It may seem a joke but snacking is also considered as one of the best way to gain weight. The only thing to consider is that snacking should be healthy. Eating a handful of nuts and seeds two between meals, having energy bars once or twice a day would surely be too handy for you to follow.   By keeping healthy snacks on hand wherever you go, you are more likely to snack, and gain weight.


  • Taking nutritional supplements:  Due to our busy life, we may miss some of the very important elements in our food. Supplements help our body to make up for those losses. There are different types of supplements available in the market – amino acid, Creatine, nitric acid etc. take a physician’s advice and then only choose a supplement as per your body needs.


You can make your very own best way to gain weight by combining above listed tips and make a planned weight gain regime to follow.

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